Event Rules & Warnings

Rules and Warnings

Please read before purchasing a ticket!

The 13th Acre is an outdoor, walking  attraction with many areas of uneven ground, up and downs, and dark spaces. 

  • No lighters, no pocketknives, or weapons of any kind- Please leave these items in your vehicle as you will be scanned (Employees have lighters for smoking prior to entering the trail).
  • No Vaping or Smoking inside haunt. Vapes and smoking are acceptable in the Midway.
  • We do not recommend if you are 6 months pregnant or more.
  • Wear appropriate shoes (we do not recommend flip flops)
  • The Actors cannot touch you and YOU cannot touch the actors.
  • No flashlights, No cell lights, No photography nor videotaping unless approved.
  • Stay with your group and keep walking!
  • Secure your valuables; You will not be permitted to re-enter for lost items. Leave your number with the ticket booth in the event of lost items.
  • No crutches, walkers, strollers, or wheelchairs.
  • No carrying of small children. They must be able to participate on their own. Ticket price is the same regardless of age.
  • No Halloween masks or props permitted.
  • There are no exits until after the first attraction.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • No backpacks or large purses


Does a VIP ticket include the alcohol?

No, but it does include access to a private, Oddities Bar where alcohol can be purchased.

Can we bring in small dogs? 

No, no dogs allowed. Service dogs are accepted in the Midway and fire pit areas but not encouraged in the haunted house.

Can we bring in our own coolers for the fire pits?

No, no outside food/beverage is allowed but we sell lots of beer, wine, and good food. Smore fixings and roasting sticks can be purchased in the General Store.

Is smoking allowed?

Yes, in the Midway and fire pit areas but not inside the attractions. However, you are not permitted to enter the property with a lighter so please ask an employee for a lighter. No Vapes allowed. 

If we purchase a haunt ticket online and cannot attend, can we use it on another night this season?

Yes, we accept haunt tickets any night throughout the current season. Fire Pits, however, are date specific and cannot be rescheduled except in the event of severe weather.

Do you all cancel if it rains?

Only in the event of heavy, continuous rain. Please follow our Facebook, Instagram, and phone message for any closures. In the event of rain, tickets can be used on another night.

Can my parent/ ride just hang out inside the Midway while they wait on us to go through the attraction.

Yes, but all non-participants must purchase an “Observer” Ticket ( just $10) allowing them to enter the property where they can meet the characters, play cornhole, eat and drink but not enter the Haunt.

Can we enter the attractions more than once with our ticket?

No, each ticket allows one visit to the attractions. Feel free to stop by the ticket booth for a 2nd ticket when interested.

Do all the food/ drink areas close at 11 pm if people are still inside the Haunt?

Yes, the food areas, store, and Midway will close at 11pm but we will continue to run the Haunt if people are in line. It’s best to get in line early enough to enjoy the store after the Haunt.

Can we take photos/ videos inside the Haunt?

Yes, but you must purchase a special access ticket to use your phone throughout the trail (Just $10). Those without the purchase will be asked to leave the group if caught using their phone. No Flash, please and no stopping to hold up the line for photos.

Can we carry food/ drink through the Haunted Attraction?

No, please finish your food/ drink before entering the queue line.

Do you all use strobes inside the haunt?

Yes, we sure do in several locations throughout.

I am injured and am wearing a boot on my foot. Can I go through? 

The path throughout the Haunt is very treacherous and NOT recommended for injured participants for your own safety.

What If I forget and enter with a knife in my pocket? 

No knives, weapons or lighters allowed upon entry. You will be asked to carry them back to your vehicle while your party waits.

What if I purchase a ticket and get too scared to enter the Haunt?

There are No Refunds once you enter the property.

What if I purchased a ticket for the final night and it rains/ Haunt is cancelled?

If we close due to weather on the last night available for using your ticket this season, we will issue refunds.

If I get too scared inside the Haunt, are there places to exit?

No, there are not places throughout for exiting. It is very difficult to stop the entire haunt for a scared customer so make sure you can handle the Midway before entering the attractions.